Gumpaste Daisy Tutorial

IMG_2731Learn how to make these cute and cheerful gumpaste daisies with this easy tutorial. All you need are a few tools:daisy cutters, thin foam, rolling pin, paint brush, yellow sanding sugar and some kind of protective cover to put flowers you are not working on. These products I’m using are all available from Wilton. Also, not pictured here is the dresden tool.

IMG_2701Roll out your gumpaste thin and use your cutters to cut out a few flowers. Put the ones you are not using in plastic so that they don’t dry out.

IMG_2702Next take a daisy and the dresden tool and with a slight pressure pull from the edge of the petal to the center of the flower. You will see how this is adding dimension and movement.

IMG_2703Complete 2 of these and then put into a flower former to dry. Put one on top of the other but try to alternate the petals so that the petals from the flower underneath are visible in between the petals from the flower on top.

IMG_2705Next roll a small ball of gumpaste suitable for the center of the daisy. Flatten slightly. Use a small paintbrush and paint the center with water. Next, cover the center with the yellow sanding sugar leaving one side uncovered where it will attach to the flower.

IMG_2706Use a little bit of sugar glue to attach the center to the daisy. Allow to dry in the former. To attach to your cake, use a bit of buttercream as “glue”



Construction Cake


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So a good friend of mine wanted to surprise her boyfriend with a cake for his upcoming birthday. Based on his profession, we decided to create a construction themed cake. The design we decided to go with for the construction themed cake was an excavating scene with some toy trucks, oreo crumb “dirt” and candy rocks. Here is our finished construction cake. What do you think?

construction cakeWe also put “happy birthday” in a street sign made of fondant. We also covered the cake board in a road design and added fondant pylons. The fondant pylons were fun and so easy to make. Here is what we did:

IMG_2691Take some 50/50 fondant/gumpaste or fondant with some tylose and color it orange. First roll orange fondant into a cone shape. We then used the end of a stick to create a hole in one end.

IMG_2692Measure your desired length of pylon and cut off the excess fondant being careful not to use too much pressure to squeeze and distort the cylinder shape. Use a light sawing motion.

IMG_2690Next cut a square slightly larger than the circumference of the pylon. Use your fingers to slightly round the corners. This is the tool I used to make the hollow at the top of the pylon.

IMG_2695Use some gum glue and glue the cone to the base. Let dry and voila! Here are some of the finished pylons.

Cookie Monster Cupcake Tutorial


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MMMMMMMM cookies! If you are planning a Cookie Monster or Sesame Street themed party these Cookie Monster cupcakes are a must! They are extremely simple to make and always a crowd pleaser. I have made these Cookie Monster cupcakes a few times now and every time they are a hit! Sorry, I don’t have photos of all the steps, please bear with me with a written demonstration.

cookie monster cupcakes1

Here is what you will need to make Cookie Monster Cupcakes:

cooled cupcakes(preferably with domed, rather than flat, tops)

blue good coloring

buttercream frosting

flaked coconut

packaged chocolate chip cookies ( I used Chips Ahoy Soft & Chewy as they were smaller in size)

white fondant

black fondant

First, color some buttercream and coconut blue. To color coconut, put flaked coconut in a small ziploc bag and drop in some blue food coloring and a few drops of water. Zip up the bag and then SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE. Add more food coloring and repeat until you get the right shade. Try to get the buttercream and coconut as close as possible in color.

Next, ice with blue colored buttercream with a knife to get a thin coating all over.

Then sprinkle some of the blue coconut getting it to adhere to the buttercream. Try to get as much of the cupcake covered all over.

Now take the white fondant and roll into a sausage about the diameter as the size of eyes you would like. Then cut the sausage into about half inch intervals being careful not to squish it. Use your hands to mold it back into shape. It should resemble a marshmallow cut in half horizontally. You can also use marshmallows cut in half or roll the fondant into a ball but I found it to use too much fondant and be too heavy. Roll tiny black balls and flatten. Use a bit of water to stick to the white eye background.

Pipe balls of buttercream where you would like the eyes to sit on the cupcake and lean the eyes against buttercream. Arrange the eyes so that they look a bit “crazy”

Now take a knife and slice horizontally into the cupcake where the mouth would be. Make the slice as wide as the cookie. Using the knife or some other tool, prop open the mouth and insert the cookie. This may take a bit of fussing and may result in some wasted cupcakes, as it did in my case.

Continue with the other Cookie Monster cupcakes until you are done!



Fondant Lamb Birthday Cake



My next cake decorating project came about when my friend Tammy was having a birthday dinner. Her maiden name was “Lam so I decided I wanted to make a “lamb” birthday cake for her. I wanted to try my hand at fondant modelling. II searched online on how to make a fondant lamb and I found this great fondant lamb tutorial on Youtube and off I went. Here my little fondant lamb is almost done. Isn’t he cute?

IMG_2490The cake I made was a lemon cake and I covered it in lemon buttercream. I then used lemon buttercream colored a pale green to ice. I decided to make a farm themed cake so I used brown fondant and cut it into strips. I then used a knife to texture it like wood grain. I then stuck the fondant to the side of the cake in a fence design. I then used a darker green buttercream and a grass tip to pipe grass peeking from be base of the wood fence. This also covered the seam of the cake and the cake board. Lastly, I added some royal icing daffodils and apple blossoms that I happened to have on hand from my Wilton’s class for accents.

IMG_2495I then popped the cake back in the fridge to harden up the icing. Once the icing was firm, I placed the fondant lamb on top. Here is the finished cake:

IMG_2492Here is my friend Tammy posing with her cake. I think she liked it.


First Gum Paste Flower



My last blog post was a tutorial on the buttercream petal technique you can do with a straight spatula. This post builds upon that technique but uses it with a twist. Instead of lining up the dots in a straight line, you line them up in a sideways “W” pattern. This gives your cake a different look! I think it looks a bit like fish fins. What do you think?

Chocolate Petal Cake

Chocolate Petal Cake

The gum paste flowers on top were the first ones I tried. I found them over at the Wilton site in their large cake decorating database. The large fantasy flower was made simply with a heart cutter and a bowl. The smaller flowers are actually gum paste chrysanthemums also found over at the Wilton site.These were a bit time consuming to make but the technique was pretty easy and simple.


Pink Ombre Petal Cake Tutorial



After seeing the pretty buttercream petal cake created over at the Hungry Housewife I fell in love. This cake was so pretty and unique that I had to try it. The instructions looked pretty straightforward and something I could handle. This would have been my 4th decorated cake so I was looking for something not to complex. The techniques used were simple but time consuming.

First you have to color your batter so you get different shades of the same color. I decided to make my cake pink so I started off with white and went to a hot pink. My cake was going to be 6 layers. You should at this point color your icing to match your cake layers. I didn’t do 6 colors but 3-white, light pink and hot pink.

Ombre Cakes

Bake cakes in shades of the same color

Next I filled my cake and gave it a crumb coat. After the crumb coat I put the cake in the fridge for about 20 minutes to firm up a bit.

Crumb coat cake

Fill and crumb coat your cake

Next you take your buttercream put it in a piping bag and I used a 12 round tip. You make a mound on your cake and then immediately smoosh it with a straight spatula. Repeat to complete each row but make sure you line up your mounds with the one above. You may want to pipe vertical lines of mounds and smoosh all at once but I chose to do it row by row until you are done. Try to match up your icing colors with your cake colors so that when you slice your cake it will be consistent.

Buttercream Petal Cake

Pipe and smoosh

Pink Ombre Petal Cake

Finished Pink Ombre Petal Cake!

Pink Ombre Petal Cake

Buttercream Rose Cake


I found this wonderful tutorial on how to make a very pretty rose cake on the I am Baker website. If you have a chance, this site is awesome for ideas and tutorials. I had just started my Wilton cake decorating classes and we were starting to learn about piping. I was eager to try new buttercream techniques and this rose cake seemed quite simple yet yielding an impressive result! The rose cake only needs one tip and it’s charmingly rustic so you don’t have to be completely precise with your piping. A very good cake for a any beginner cake decorator.

For my first rose cake I made a pink vanilla cake with Bavarian cream filling and pink vanilla buttercream. I used the 1M tip with a 4 layer 8″ cake.

Pink Rose Cake

Pink Rose Cake

For my second rose cake I decided to use chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream…mmmmmmmm. I also thought a taller cake would be more sophisticated so I use 6″ cakes that were taller resulting in a cake that was 5″ tall. I also experimented and used a 2D tip. The result were roses that were more closed. After using both, I preferred the way the 1M tip looked for the rose cake.

Chocolate Rose Cake

Chocolate Rose Cake

Easter Nests Recipe


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Chocolate Easter Nests

Yummy Chocolate Easter Nests

Easter is around the corner and here is a fun and super cute cookie recipe you can with do with kids. These Easter Nests are great because it allows kids to really dig in and get their hand dirty which we know they love to do. Here is what you will need:

2 cups fried chow mein noodles

5-7 ounces of semi-sweet chocolate(chopped)

1 tsp shortening

  1. Line a cookie sheet with foil and spray with non-stick cooking spray.
  2. Melt chocolate in the microwave or double boiler being careful not to get water into the chocolate. If you are melting the chocolate in the microwave microwave in 30 second increments at half power. Stir well each time to melt the chocolate. Continue until chocolate is melted.
  3. Add noodles to the melted chocolate mixture, adding just enough so that there is an even coating of chocolate on the noodles.
  4. Now here is where you need to work fast. Make even sized mounds on the cookie sheet and using your hands, arrange the mound into a nest shape. Make an indentation in the center of each mound large enough to fit 3 eggs.
  5. Place cookie sheet in the refrigerator to set.
  6. After the nests are set, you can add 3 mini eggs to each nest.

Fondant Snoopy Doghouse Tutorial


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I made a Snoopy cake a while back and wanted to create a fondant cake topper of the iconic image of Snoopy lying on his doghouse. I looked around the web and there a few tutorials which I read and ended up creating something that was a combination. Here is what I did:

Since my Snoopy doghouse was going to be a cake topper it wasn’t too large so I used Rice Krispie treats to make the base. I shaped the Rice Krispie treats into a doghouse shape and then let it harden. Then I covered it in white candy melts and let it harden again. Lastly, I shaved the candy melt to get a nice smooth surface for the fondant to lay over. My end result is below.

Snoopy Doghouse Cake Topper

Rice krispie Snoopy doghouse

Then I created a template based on the dimensions of Snoopy’s doghouse so I could measure out the fondant. I made a template of the front, sides and the roof.

Fondant Snoopy Doghouse

Snoopy Doghouse Template

First I cut out the sides with white fondant and attached it to the Rice Krispie house using some piping gel. I scored the sides with a ruler and a knife to make it look like wood panels.

Snoopy Fondant Doghouse

Texturing the fondant

Then I cut the roof out in red fondant and lay it over top texturing it the same way as the sides. Snoopy was hand molded and assembled using gum glue and piping gel. Secure Snoopy to the top of the doghouse and voila!

Here is the finished cake:

Snoopy Cake

Snoopy Birthday Cake

Easter Baking Projects


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Easter is just around the corner so I thought I would share some fun Easter baking projects and Easter treats you can make. These would be fun to make with the kiddies too!

Easter Nest Cookies

These Easter cookies are really fun to make and definitely a winner with small children. You can easily get them involved with the decorating.

ImageEaster Egg Cookies

These are adorable polka dot egg cookies from Glorious Treats. Takes a little more effort to decorate but well worth it.


Easter Bunny Cookies

What’s Easter without some BUNNIES. These adorable Easter bunny cookies are fondant covered and look SO impressive but are SO easy!


Just some ideas to get your started for Easter baking projects. What are you going to make?