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I’ve always wanted to take cake decorating classes but something always got in the way. First there was school (which lasted for many years), then there were boyfriends, then there was the career…. well you get my point. So, when I saw the 50% off cake decorating classes at Michaels it was a done deal.

There were 4 two hour classes for $22 which I thought was a smoking deal. In this intro class we learned how to torte a cake, make icing (some yucky shortening based buttercream), how to frost a cake with a crumb coat, use a piping bag, make some little starts, dots and borders and the finale…. a Wilton ribbon rose! There was no baking involved during class and we had to bring in our own cookies, cupcakes and cakes to decorate. Also, there is no equipment provided so you have to buy all of that yourself. I didn’t mind as I knew I was going to reuse it. My friend who took the class with me, who isn’t a big baker, well it was a bit of a waste for her.

Here is the project from that class:

Cake Decorating

My First Decorated Cake

Ok, it’s a bit “Safeway” like but I promise, I do get better! I spent sooooo much time trying to get the buttercream smooth and even. I must have gone over the cake over 50 times! Stay tuned for more!