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I made a Snoopy cake a while back and wanted to create a fondant cake topper of the iconic image of Snoopy lying on his doghouse. I looked around the web and there a few tutorials which I read and ended up creating something that was a combination. Here is what I did:

Since my Snoopy doghouse was going to be a cake topper it wasn’t too large so I used Rice Krispie treats to make the base. I shaped the Rice Krispie treats into a doghouse shape and then let it harden. Then I covered it in white candy melts and let it harden again. Lastly, I shaved the candy melt to get a nice smooth surface for the fondant to lay over. My end result is below.

Snoopy Doghouse Cake Topper

Rice krispie Snoopy doghouse

Then I created a template based on the dimensions of Snoopy’s doghouse so I could measure out the fondant. I made a template of the front, sides and the roof.

Fondant Snoopy Doghouse

Snoopy Doghouse Template

First I cut out the sides with white fondant and attached it to the Rice Krispie house using some piping gel. I scored the sides with a ruler and a knife to make it look like wood panels.

Snoopy Fondant Doghouse

Texturing the fondant

Then I cut the roof out in red fondant and lay it over top texturing it the same way as the sides. Snoopy was hand molded and assembled using gum glue and piping gel. Secure Snoopy to the top of the doghouse and voila!

Here is the finished cake:

Snoopy Cake

Snoopy Birthday Cake