My next cake decorating project came about when my friend Tammy was having a birthday dinner. Her maiden name was “Lam so I decided I wanted to make a “lamb” birthday cake for her. I wanted to try my hand at fondant modelling. II searched online on how to make a fondant lamb and I found this great fondant lamb tutorial on Youtube and off I went. Here my little fondant lamb is almost done. Isn’t he cute?

IMG_2490The cake I made was a lemon cake and I covered it in lemon buttercream. I then used lemon buttercream colored a pale green to ice. I decided to make a farm themed cake so I used brown fondant and cut it into strips. I then used a knife to texture it like wood grain. I then stuck the fondant to the side of the cake in a fence design. I then used a darker green buttercream and a grass tip to pipe grass peeking from be base of the wood fence. This also covered the seam of the cake and the cake board. Lastly, I added some royal icing daffodils and apple blossoms that I happened to have on hand from my Wilton’s class for accents.

IMG_2495I then popped the cake back in the fridge to harden up the icing. Once the icing was firm, I placed the fondant lamb on top. Here is the finished cake:

IMG_2492Here is my friend Tammy posing with her cake. I think she liked it.