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MMMMMMMM cookies! If you are planning a Cookie Monster or Sesame Street themed party these Cookie Monster cupcakes are a must! They are extremely simple to make and always a crowd pleaser. I have made these Cookie Monster cupcakes a few times now and every time they are a hit! Sorry, I don’t have photos of all the steps, please bear with me with a written demonstration.

cookie monster cupcakes1

Here is what you will need to make Cookie Monster Cupcakes:

cooled cupcakes(preferably with domed, rather than flat, tops)

blue good coloring

buttercream frosting

flaked coconut

packaged chocolate chip cookies ( I used Chips Ahoy Soft & Chewy as they were smaller in size)

white fondant

black fondant

First, color some buttercream and coconut blue. To color coconut, put flaked coconut in a small ziploc bag and drop in some blue food coloring and a few drops of water. Zip up the bag and then SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE. Add more food coloring and repeat until you get the right shade. Try to get the buttercream and coconut as close as possible in color.

Next, ice with blue colored buttercream with a knife to get a thin coating all over.

Then sprinkle some of the blue coconut getting it to adhere to the buttercream. Try to get as much of the cupcake covered all over.

Now take the white fondant and roll into a sausage about the diameter as the size of eyes you would like. Then cut the sausage into about half inch intervals being careful not to squish it. Use your hands to mold it back into shape. It should resemble a marshmallow cut in half horizontally. You can also use marshmallows cut in half or roll the fondant into a ball but I found it to use too much fondant and be too heavy. Roll tiny black balls and flatten. Use a bit of water to stick to the white eye background.

Pipe balls of buttercream where you would like the eyes to sit on the cupcake and lean the eyes against buttercream. Arrange the eyes so that they look a bit “crazy”

Now take a knife and slice horizontally into the cupcake where the mouth would be. Make the slice as wide as the cookie. Using the knife or some other tool, prop open the mouth and insert the cookie. This may take a bit of fussing and may result in some wasted cupcakes, as it did in my case.

Continue with the other Cookie Monster cupcakes until you are done!