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So a good friend of mine wanted to surprise her boyfriend with a cake for his upcoming birthday. Based on his profession, we decided to create a construction themed cake. The design we decided to go with for the construction themed cake was an excavating scene with some toy trucks, oreo crumb “dirt” and candy rocks. Here is our finished construction cake. What do you think?

construction cakeWe also put “happy birthday” in a street sign made of fondant. We also covered the cake board in a road design and added fondant pylons. The fondant pylons were fun and so easy to make. Here is what we did:

IMG_2691Take some 50/50 fondant/gumpaste or fondant with some tylose and color it orange. First roll orange fondant into a cone shape. We then used the end of a stick to create a hole in one end.

IMG_2692Measure your desired length of pylon and cut off the excess fondant being careful not to use too much pressure to squeeze and distort the cylinder shape. Use a light sawing motion.

IMG_2690Next cut a square slightly larger than the circumference of the pylon. Use your fingers to slightly round the corners. This is the tool I used to make the hollow at the top of the pylon.

IMG_2695Use some gum glue and glue the cone to the base. Let dry and voila! Here are some of the finished pylons.