IMG_2731Learn how to make these cute and cheerful gumpaste daisies with this easy tutorial. All you need are a few tools:daisy cutters, thin foam, rolling pin, paint brush, yellow sanding sugar and some kind of protective cover to put flowers you are not working on. These products I’m using are all available from Wilton. Also, not pictured here is the dresden tool.

IMG_2701Roll out your gumpaste thin and use your cutters to cut out a few flowers. Put the ones you are not using in plastic so that they don’t dry out.

IMG_2702Next take a daisy and the dresden tool and with a slight pressure pull from the edge of the petal to the center of the flower. You will see how this is adding dimension and movement.

IMG_2703Complete 2 of these and then put into a flower former to dry. Put one on top of the other but try to alternate the petals so that the petals from the flower underneath are visible in between the petals from the flower on top.

IMG_2705Next roll a small ball of gumpaste suitable for the center of the daisy. Flatten slightly. Use a small paintbrush and paint the center with water. Next, cover the center with the yellow sanding sugar leaving one side uncovered where it will attach to the flower.

IMG_2706Use a little bit of sugar glue to attach the center to the daisy. Allow to dry in the former. To attach to your cake, use a bit of buttercream as “glue”